Monday, February 13, 2017

All you need to know about error code 0xc0000225

A specific error code, i.e. 0xc000025 instructs you regarding the inability of the system to load its operating system because of dearth of required files. The situation is obnoxious and prevents from loading the system. Recopying the missing file doesn’t solve the issue.

This type of issue arises more frequently while replacing the drive and then doing transmission using sector wise copy. Such types of operations are carried out after the damaged disk move the system from HDD to SSD. At times, it happens during the normal computer operation when the system is started.

Now the question that arises in many is how to cope up with the issue? Below listed steps help to resolve the issue at the earliest-

Identify CD windows installation

To accomplish this procedure, windows installer is required. So, it’s necessary to have a bootable flash drive. On inserting a USB flash drive, set the option to boot your system. During the process, when an error page is displayed just press the ESC key to move towards BIOS setting (this depends on your computer model). Then, you need to set BOOT drive the entire system and save the settings accordingly.

Accomplish computer repair option

The windows installer runs when you start computer. You need to choose a language as per your convenience and then click on” next”. Once done with loading the files, you will be provided with the option of new installation and current repair. Choose repair your system.

Type a command at the command prompt

You need to type a sequence of command in the command prompt that has capability to repair a damaged system.

List volume – The list of disks/partitions

Assign letter- assign yourself any free letter to the chosen disk
Exit – exit

DiskPart – disk management tool

When the chosen operating system is repaired for error code 0xc000025, then restart your system. Gradually your system will work in a normal condition.

Remove additional operating system

Though the system might be working fine now, but when you start computer it will appear as to choose from.

Since it becomes clutter, the message will be gradually deleted. In order to accomplish this task, you need to choose-

Control panel


Advanced system settings

Advanced card

 Click on startup and the recovery setting options

While setting windows set up, choose a default operating system and then turn off the display list of other operating systems. For more details visit:

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